How To Plan A Romantic Picnic


Nothing could be more romantic than organising a picnic just for 2. Your loved one will really appreciate the time and effort you go to, it’s a special treat to arrange and shows how much you care. You can organise a romantic picnic for any occasion which could include a celebration, date, birthday (or even an apology).

The first thing to do is decide when you will have the picnic and then think about where you would like to go, the time of the picnic and what the weather may be like. These will help determine the food and accessories you need to take.

Once you have chosen a location, pick a quiet spot, don’t go for the middle of the park, the verge of a road or alongside a busy footpath! Make sure you can find a level spot, not an area with a hill or where the ground is uneven otherwise your items will just end up rolling and falling all over the place!

Try looking for somewhere that is slightly off the beaten track but not too remote. If it’s going to be a warm day pick somewhere with some natural shade or if it’s going to be windy, try and find a place with some natural screening like hedges, bushes, trees etc.

Sitting by a river or near water is always a lovely backdrop and can create a relaxing atmosphere. There are some beautiful woodland parks and national trust stately homes that you could try or maybe a day at the races to give you an activity alongside the picnic. However, if you can’t get out for your romantic picnic then why not set it up in your garden, you could get a projector and watch a film as the sunsets or make it a lunchtime, breakfast or brunch date for something different.

You might have to do an investigation of the area beforehand to ensure you know where you are going and roughly where you plan to unpack the picnic. You don’t want to get lost or end up walking miles to the destination!

Ideas on what to take with you

  1. Picnic Hamper

A traditional fitted picnic hamper will really help you look the part as they are beautiful and provide all the items you need. Many come with plates, cutlery, glasses, bottle opener, napkins, a chill section and condiments, all you need to add is the food. They are worth the investment and will last many more picnics to come.

  1. Picnic Blanket

Choose a blanket that will easily fit you, your partner, hamper and food. Its best to get one that has a waterproof backing so if the grass is slightly damp you don’t need to worry. A classic picnic blanket is normally made from wool but there are so many designs and fabric types to choose from. Again, worth the investment as it will last years and can be used for other events not just picnics.

  1. Food & Drink

You will need to know if your partner has any allergies, intolerances or food preferences i.e. Vegan, vegetarian, celiac etc. Picnic food can be a wide range of tasty treats, so if you know of any particular favourite foods make sure you pack them.

Finger food is ideal for a picnic, small morsels of delicious food that you can pop in your mouth. It’s easy to carry and can be packed neatly in containers or wrapped up. Cut up your items before you pack them so that you don’t need to worry once you are tucking in.

Classic picnic food ideas include:

Sandwiches, scotch eggs, pork pies, sausage rolls, quiche, mini sausages, cold chicken, cheese & crackers, pasta salad, couscous, crisps, dips, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, coleslaw, fruit, mini cakes and plenty of refreshments.

Try visiting a butchers or delicatessen to get some ideas and see what they have on offer, much of it will be sourced and made locally and be a bit different to normal supermarket buys.

Strawberries are always a treat, leave on the stalk, melt some chocolate and dip them in! Refrigerate before the picnic, the chocolate will harden and they will look amazing. Hummus, salsa and dips with carrot, cucumber and bread sticks make a great snack.

Prosecco or champagne will always be a luxury touch, however favourite beverages of any type will be greatly appreciated, have plenty of refreshments if it’s a hot day.

  1. Extras

Cushions will provide a softer seat whilst sitting and lounging around, candles give off a soft glow and provide ambient lighting if you are planning an evening picnic. Tealights and holders are best as they contain the candle and flame. A gorgeous bunch of flowers will also add that extra level of thought and romance to the occasion.


Hopefully the weather will be kind, but make sure you’ve checked prior to the picnic, as this will determine what else you may need to take in addition to the above.

If the weather looks warm pack frozen ice packs or frozen bottles of water (pop them in the freezer the day before) to help keep the food cool and then you can the drink the defrosted water from the bottles to keep you cool! If there is no natural shade at your chosen spot, take a parasol to provide some if necessary.

If the weather is going to be on the chilly side, pack a couple of warm blankets to snuggle up and an umbrella in case it rains.

You could try theming your romantic picnic and have an afternoon tea, gourmet, seasonal produce, fruit platters, brunch or breakfast one instead of a classic picnic.

These are just a few options and ideas from previous experiences, we stock many of the items that you will need from picnic hampers to tea light holders to help you create an amazing romantic picnic and memories, whatever the time of year and wherever you decide to go.

Remember it’s all in the preparation, enjoy and good luck!