Our First Beginnings

During the 2020 COVID 19 crisis, it gave the country some time to stop and take a long hard look at our lifestyles, discover what we cherish, enjoy and decide what is important to us.  We were no different, we took our time to think about our futures, what we really wanted to do with our lives and what makes us happy.

As the country was in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown, we noticed how people were taking the chance to get outdoors whenever they could and embracing it. Sitting in their garden or on their balcony, chatting as a family - the aroma of a BBQ filling the air, taking their hours exercise and walking, cycling or running - discovering new places that were on their doorsteps. What became apparent, was that everyone was appreciating the fact we were still able to be outside and enjoy the fresh air, something that maybe we all took for granted, now seemed like a luxury.

One afternoon whilst in our garden relishing the beautiful April sunshine, we commented about how much we (as a family) love to make the most of any opportunity to be outside. We are not hard core walkers, hikers, cyclists or anything like that. Our “outside” normally involves being somewhere with lovely surroundings, a glass of something nice in one hand and good food in the other. This is definitely how we relax after a long day, have fun, reconnect as a family and unwind - nothing too strenuous!

As we reminisced we realised how often we dine outside, either in the garden and reflected on the number of times we have taken picnics by the river, to the park or the beach, enjoyed a more elegant and gourmet feast at the races, Wimbledon and the Chelsea flower show, we love a BBQ with family and friends and we also have had many “car picnics” if the weather lets us down!  It became clear that we had lots of wonderful memories associated with dining outside, from all our childhoods and as a family.

This is where the idea for our company began; thinking about how we can encourage people to dine outside, enjoy it as we do, create memories and cherish the country we live in.

We already had a number of items we use and love to take out with us, some of which we’ve had for years and are firm favourites. Together we discussed the idea of sourcing and supplying beautiful, quality picnic, outdoor dining products and accessories to embrace the outside all year round and so the “Alfresco Dining Company” was born.

Our aim is to promote the outdoors and get everyone eating alfresco at any opportunity, whatever the time of year, weather and occasion. 

We know that in this country there are some amazing businesses, we would like to work with as many UK based companies and stock as many UK made items as we possibly can to support and build our economy.

We are enjoying growing the business and working with suppliers, enabling us to provide a range of items to help customers achieve a great alfresco dining experience.