The Adventure is underway

Over the past few weeks things have started to take shape. Excitedly we have been putting our thoughts and ideas into something more solid.

We created a temporary page on the website whilst we are busy working on the design and content before we launch it live. Kevin has a task on his hands to convert all my visions, perfections and look into reality. Its fine, I’m not worried, we’ve been together for over 20 years and I know he is as much of a perfectionist as me, he also concentrates on the finer details. This is his area of enjoyment, expertise and he does like a challenge. I’m not technically minded and if he starts getting too technical with me - I just nod and smile.

I’m working my way through a list of stockists we would like to work with and applying for trade accounts. As we are still in lockdown, some companies are on skeleton staff at the moment so it’s taking a bit longer than it normally would to get a response, we also can’t get out at the moment to visit potential stockists and see the products. It’s been lovely to converse with people and mostly it’s all been fine but occasionally I’ve come up against a brick wall which is a tough one – we have only just started out and for some businesses, we don’t yet have the references and the years of trading they require. It’s a bit like the chicken and egg, however I completely get it and just make a note to contact them in the future.

Beth has been honing our social media and set up our Pinterest account. She has been researching, following, liking and commenting on interesting and relevant posts.

We enjoyed the VE day celebrations and took advantage of the glorious weather to take some original pictures outside to use at some point, this passed away and interesting hour or so.
We had a few heated conversations about where items should be placed, who should take the pictures (Erin and I battled this one out – she won!), if the sun disappeared we would patiently wait for it to come out again, the sandwiches fell off the display and went a bit dry around the edges and the squash was lukewarm by the time we came to eat our picnic/afternoon tea! , But hey we live and learn, that’s part of the fun (next time we won’t eat what we display!) it’s all a learning experience, which is something we’ve recently been doing plenty of.

I now can completely understand and sympathise with how people get so hung up on getting the perfect shot and the amount of time and pictures it can take to get “the one”.

We’ve all worked on our own little parts of the business where our strengths lie, it’s a topic we talk about frequently and always provides a good source of conversation – something at the moment we all need!








We can’t wait to return to some sort of normal even if it is different to before, we hope the summer isn’t completely over before this happens, otherwise we will be launching our winter alfresco dining campaign!