The Social Distance Picnic

The Social Distance Picnic

 So, we are slowly and carefully being allowed to meet up with more people who don’t live in our household. This is great; however, we still have to keep our distance and can only be outside when we meet (unless you are part of a family "bubble")

That’s OK, it’s so lovely to see people face to face and catch up, even if we can’t physically touch them.

Time to meet up in a large open area, maybe a park, beach, field or garden and have a social distance picnic, but you will need to decide who you want to come along as currently we are restricted to only 6 people including yourself, so you’ll have to pick wisely....

It’s a bit like when you’re a child and you have a party and your mum says you can only have a few friends so you have to choose, when really you want to invite the whole class!

You will have a fun time especially if the weather holds, so here’s a few ideas on what to take. Everyone should bring their own items, sorry but no sharing allowed, unless you are part of the same household.

Picnic in style with these essentials:

Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket will help ensure that you are all keeping the relevant 2 meters apart and give you plenty of space to unpack you own goodies and picnicware. Our Coastal blanket is an extra large 2m x 1.7m so is very nearly perfect. Choose one with a waterproof backing so that if the grass is damp you won’t get a soggy bottom.

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Hamper or Cool Bag?

The preference is completely yours; you can purchase a beautiful fitted picnic hamper that has plates, glasses, cutlery and more included.

All you need to do is add your favourite food and drink, many of our hampers also contain a chilled section, just add some ice packs and this will help keep your items cool.


Cool bags are very stylish and available in many different designs, they hold a vast capacity and you can add your own picnicware as well as all your delicious delights.

Don’t forget to add some ice packs for extra freshness and make sure you have some tight lidded tupperware style containers as there is nothing worse than a leakage ruining your perfect picnic!


Plastic cups, plates, cutlery and glasses are best for taking outdoors and avoiding breakages. The latest trend is bamboo fibre which is as hard wearing as acrylic/plastic but more environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. Small plates and bowls are ideal for filling with a constant stream of snacks, they don’t take up much room and are lightweight.

Don’t forget!

Lastly don’t forget the food (obviously!), treat yourself to something different and take a look in your local butcher or deli to see what they have to offer. Remember to take the faithful hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes to keep us all clean, tissues, paper towel or napkins, bottle opener, sun cream (if necessary) and to keep our beautiful countryside tidy, please take a rubbish bag to take all your bits and pieces home with you.

Have fun, be sensible and enjoy this little bit of freedom, soon we won’t have to choose!